YSPN develops ethical Sikh leaders to positively impact
organisations and community

Developing the next generation of
ethical Sikh leaders globally

Our mission

YSPN’s aim is to develop ethical Sikh leaders to positively impact the organisations they work in as well as the communities they live in. Our current focus is accelerating the growth of tertiary educated Sikhs within the first 10 years of their professional services career who are wanting:

To navigate their career journeys

Build soft skills

Meet like-minded people

How we help you

Build leadership capabilities

Build contemporary professional skills

Develop meaningful connections

Access visible leaders from within the community

Find support of like-minded individuals

Gain a competitive advantage in and out of work

Easily access services

YSPN Advisory Board

The new organisation structure calls for the implementation of an advisory board to assist the chair in managing the strategy.

The advisory board is a non-executive, non-statutory and non-fiduciary board of advisors comprised of the most eminent Sikhs within the network who have experience or resources to support the strategic direction of the organisation. The members below have been instrumental in the development of the new YSPN strategy, and the ongoing growth and development of the organisation.

Team Structure

YSPN is comprised of five permanent chapters across Australia and New Zealand. Our chapters span: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.

People in each of these locations are working on the various different things that YSPN is aiming to deliver, in teams comprised of: events, marketing, finance, external affairs and mentoring.

To contact your local chapter about enquiries, or to learn how you can get involved, email us here.