Looking for a job during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here’s a list of Australian Industries and Employers Hiring Now

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the strict Government restrictions implemented in response to the pandemic has seen devasting impacts on the Australian economy with the Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealing that two thirds (66%) of Australian businesses have reported that their cash flow has reduced and nearly half (47%) of businesses have had to make changes to their staffing by reducing hours, letting go off staff or asking staff to work from home as a result of COVID-19.  

Thousands of Australians have lost their jobs and images of kilometre-long lines outside Centrelink have broken the hearts of many in our community. Unfortunately, it is predicted that unemployment numbers will continue to rise as many more business are forced to shut down due reduced demand in the current COVID-19 climate.  

The disruption to the Australian economy has certainly impacted the Australian Sikh population, which has risen by 400% in the last 10 years. This includes thousands of international students and migrants in our community, many of whom are unfortunately not entitled to Government relief or benefits to get them through these difficult times.  

So what can you do if you’ve lost your job?  

Be proactive at finding a temporary alternative  

It is important that international students and temporary work visa holders who have lost their jobs or are facing substantial hardships adopt a proactive approach now towards sourcing gainful employments to stay afloat in these unprecedented times. This may mean accepting a job which does not necessarily match your skillset but is simply a temporary solution to continue to pay the bills and provide the basic necessities.  

Focus on in-demand roles and industries  

The good news is that the ABS data has revealed that there are many industries that have been required to hire a substantial number of extra employees due to an increase in demand.  

Below is a list of these industries, employers that are hiring and links to their hiring portals. 

Supermarkets: Coles is looking to hire an additional 5,000 casual workers, Woolworths is looking to fill 20,000 positions nationwide and ALDI is also hiring to meet the recent increase in demand.  

Telstra: Telstra is recruiting more than 1,000 temporary call centre jobs across Australia.  

Services Australia: Expected to take on 5,000 more Centrelink workers to handle the flood of unemployment applications.  

Federal Health: The Federal Health Department is looking to hire those with qualifications in public health, epidemiology, data analysis, laboratories, emergency management and communications and media. 

Queensland Health: Queensland Health is recruiting staff across the fields of medical, nursing and midwifery, allied health, administrative support, operational and dental.  

Delivery services: Domino’s Pizza is looking to hire around 2,000 workers to join their delivery workforce. Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Menulog are also hiring casual workers. 

BHP: BHP need an estimated 1,000 staff in Queensland and 1,500 across Australia to support its mining operations. Jobs include machinery and production operators, truck and ancillary equipment drives, excavator operators, diesel mechanics, trades assistants, electricians, cleaners and warehousing roles.  

Other Useful Resources: 

Australian government Job Hub 

The federal government has consolidated job openings from some of Australia’s biggest employers and created a website where you can search job opportunities (by employer or by location). You can access this here:  www.dese.gov.au/covid-19/jobs-hub 


StillHiring is a free site created to assist people in Australia and New Zealand to find out where the jobs really are, and in what categories and locations. You can access this here: www.stillhiring.com.au 

YSPN free CV checks  

The YSPN Team is offering free CV checks and general career counselling advice to support our community during these tough times.  For help on your CV or to find ways to improve it, send your CV and/or any questions to the email address below and we’ll reply back to you with feedback. 

Email us at: cvcheck@yspn.org.au 

Note: The information above has been compiled using publicly available data and is current as at 15 April 2020. The figures and vacancies noted above are estimates only and may have changed as relevant employers continue to fill positions. While we have done our utmost to ensure the information in this article is comprehensive, up to date and as accurate as possible, we do not guarantee that this is the case and make no representation, statement or warranty to that effect.  We are not responsible for any loss or liability you may incur in connection with the information provided here. In the event you do find a mistake please contact us (via email, Facebook or Instagram) so we can issue a correction as soon as possible and minimise any further impact.  


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