The strategy

This section of the website covers the content of the strategy itself.

Mission statements

The previous mission statement for YSPN focused on the setting the groundwork for the community to become more successful and influential in order to ultimately more substantively contribute back to the community. It was encapsulated as:

YSPN creates the conditions for young Sikhs professionals to succeed and amplify their influence.

Through this process of strategic refresh, and subsequent clearer focus and transformation of the organisation, the previous mission statement no longer adequately captured the purpose and activity of the organisation, requiring it to be updated.

The new mission statement was therefore updated to:

YSPN channels sewa to develop ethical Sikh leaders for a productive and inclusive broader community.

What are the keys to this mission?

Channels Sewa:

YSPN uses its capabilities to channel Sewa (energy, resources, and motivation) to where it is required most–organisations and people–in a systematic and scalable way.

Develop ethical Sikh leaders:

YSPN actively develops the skills within our community, and provides opportunities for everyone to take ownership of their professional development on a foundation of ethics and values.

Productive and inclusive:

YSPN inspires our audience to achieve economic security through more productive contribution to the economy, especially for new migrants; and facilitates the relevant connections across people, skills and resources that will deliver this result.

Strategic pillars

The strategic pillars represent the more concrete explanation of the mission above, developed as part of the YSPN Strategy refresh. These strategic pillars capture the thematic substance of the problem spaces identified in the

This highlighted sections are clickable and outline the different activities and programs that YSPN will prototype and experiment with to deliver on the strategic pillars objectives. Each sub-activity is detailed here, including its
purpose, description, success metrics and resources required.

We develop, accelerate, and amplify ethically grounded, visible leaders

By putting in place programs that help us identify, target, develop and amplify self-motivated leaders from within our community built on a base of ethical integrity.

These programs include:

  1. A multi-year accelerated leadership fellowship program with explicit coverage of ethics and a commitment to give back to the community.
  2. Awards and other recognition highlighting the achievements of Sikhs related to our strategy
  3. The delivery of a best in class Mentoring program

We develop, accelerate, and amplify, ethically grounded, visible leaders

  Fellowship Program YSPN Awards Entrepreneurship Pathways
Purpose To accelerate the development of self-motivated leaders who have displayed momentum in their professional development, by exposing them to a facilitated development program, a network of similar individuals, and
mentors who have achieved success before them.
To motivate the community to pursue excellence and provide visibility of leaders in the community by providing them a platform for recognition for them and their work. To establish the groundwork for the community to take the next step in its evolution and leadership by aspiring to generate more value for society through entrepreneurial leadership.
Description The YSPN Fellowship is a multi-year (between 2 – 5), cohort based program that identifies high-potential talent within the community through a competitive, public application process, and then places them within a leadership
development framework focused on technical and soft-skills, as well as an explicit focus on ethical leadership, and a commitment to giving back.
The YSPN Awards will be an annual event that is structured around highlighting, celebrating and promoting the efforts of people and organisations within the Sikh community that have made a meaningful contribution to a YSPN
strategic pillar, of their own accord.
The entrepreneurship pathway will bring visibility to different routes that people can take to become entrepreneurs and highlight successful Sikh entrepreneurs. The pathways will be developed through a combination of
partnerships with relevant institutions (such as universities, incubators, accelerators and VCs), educational courses (such as the Sikh Startup Bootcamp) and website content to address challenges (such as familial,
financial, social and technical issues) and inspire our audience to consider an entrepreneurial path, ultimately leading to a higher incidence of entrepreneurship within the community.
The fellowship will actively seek to accelerate individuals’ progress through a combination of exposure to the cohort, and a group of mentors and sponsors, with special events and functions designed to cater for the
development of these skills and relationships, and seek to promote their success actively through YSPN channels and use YSPN networks and resources to help fellows to overcome challenges. The program will focus on areas such
as Corporate Leadership, Politics, and Social Impact.
The awards will be evaluated by a panel of judges, following a period of public nominations and applications.
The event will become the pre-eminent awards night within the Sikh community, and will take the form of a gala, black-tie dinner, with both community and mainstream media coverage of the event and award winners.
Metrics 20 successful applicants for 2020 intake  # nominees/applicants for awards/prizes  5 partnerships or MOU with leading institutions
An increase in self rated competencies Media coverage in mainstream and multicultural media  20 Content pieces relating to entrepreneurial challenges
Promotions received throughout the course of the program
Resources IT infrastructure (vid conferencing, learning platform etc)  Media and government relationships Website
Mentors  A charter of values and application criteria Online media and courses
Conference room (tbd)  Promotional Campaign Partnerships with organisations
Product/service offering to be defined  Sponsors
Marketing and Media collateral Judging panel
Funding for events

We ignite the dormant economic potential of our community

By putting in place programs and initiatives that provide avenues for more economically secure Sikhs to help the most vulnerable people in our community, and inspire them to achieve their highest potential.

These programs include:

  1. A systemised CV Check program delivered across all our chapters
  2. A migrant buddy program, pairing established migrants with new migrants.
  3. Partnering with migrant focused organisations to help them thrive

We ignite the dormant economic potential of our community

  Employment Success Programs Buddy Program Partnerships with Migrant Success Organisations
Purpose To provide migrants with educational content, and programs to prepare them for job seeking in a western context. To ease the transition and culture shock of new migrants and give them a sense of belonging through pairing them with more established migrants. To develop relationships with other organisations operating in the migrant space, in order to channel our audience to their resources.
Description The employment success programs include a combination of In person events such as CV Checks, workshops, seminars and roundtable sessions at Gurdwaras, universities and vocational institutes such as TAFE. As well as Online
content and curriculum such as videos, factsheets and live Q&A sessions  
An Informal buddy program connecting new migrants with a ‘settled’ migrant over regular, periodic face to face meetings to discuss tacit and cultural challenges that are being faced by the migrant.  Partnerships with government, ethno-cultural, and volunteer organisations that are focused on delivering on the needs of migrants. These relationships will result in syndicated content and IP, access to networks, apps, and
platforms that YSPN’s migrant audience will be channelled.
The in-person offerings will leverage the YSPN Network to find Volunteers to attend and deliver these services, while the online services will be produced by the YSPN Team in conjunction with partners and experts,
distributed via our website and other digital channels.
The program will be structured in a similar fashion to the mentoring program, and lean on the experience and frameworks developed for that program, such as application forms, communication frameworks, and meeting scheduling.
Metrics Number of people employed in jobs that align with their preference/education/skill set Buddy retention % Number of people employed in jobs that align with their preference/education/skill set
On boarding completed efficiently and members feel ‘supported’ by the Sikh community in Australia. Note: this feedback will be obtained via the feedback form at the completion of the buddy program 
Resources Online video hosting on YouTube Database of volunteer buddies Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business
Database of volunteers Automated emails/texting function, application forms, feedback surveys  Connections Australia
Partnerships with Gurdwaras and Universities and societies where in-person services are to be provided   Info packs for buddy and member on the program and dos/don’ts  Welcoming Australia
Marketing and media collateral  ‘On-boarding Kit’ (for each Aus and NZ) explaining basics post arrival in Australia such as getting a go card etc. Australian Migrant Resource Centre
Support resources: 
Marketing and media collateral 
YSPN Team (see below) 
Department of Education and Training
Multicultural NSW
Office of Multicultural Interests
Perth Asian Professionals

We enable our community to develop their professional capabilities and network organically

By providing our community with the requisite skills, spaces, and networking opportunities for them to own their professional development.

These include:

  1. Delivering an annual program of events that balance frequency and impact
  2. Carving out spaces on social media platforms and developing thriving online communities through curation, facilitation and management
  3. Licensing our intellectual property to enable people anywhere to leverage our experience in hosting networking events

We enable our community to develop their professional capabilities and network organically

  YSPN Portal Using the power of the network Licensing the Events Format
Purpose To carve out a digital space curated, facilitated, and moderated by YSPN to allow participants in the network to proactively find people who can help solve their professional development goals, and also give back to the
To help the community channel and share its energy, skills and motivation in a more organic and unbounded way. To allow people in other parts of the world use their own initiative, resources and energy to connect with the community by leaning on the resources and intellectual property developed by YSPN.
Description A portal in the form of a landing page on the YSPN website which acts as a registry for members of the community/network. This has limited functionality/visibility for non-members and full access for those that go through a
vetting process to be listed/sign up for use. Listees on the portal are listed with a short bio, how to contact and what they can be contacted for. This online portal then links to two closed groups on Linkedin and Facebook
to allow everyday communication for members and listees. A community liaison manager works to moderate and actively facilitate connections when people reach out as well as providing content (e.g. from our other pillars like
leadership award applications, migrant starter packs, etc.). 
YSPN will leverage its brand and technology platform, and use its expertise in marketing and event organization to:

  1. Allow people in the network who wish to share their skills through YSPN channels such as physical workshop events, webinars and other formats with oversight to ensure quality and professionalism
  2. To channel the energy of the community and develop commitment and buy-in to solve important community issues through more targeted and purposeful event design, eg. Hackathons at Elevate
  3. To modify the existing events mix to allow for the introduction of these types of events.
 YSPN will produce a product that allows people in non-YSPN Chapter locations to be able to leverage our accumulated experience and knowledge in delivering events to allow people to do so.
This will for example, allow people in places like Adelaide and Wellington, where YSPN has received numerous expressions of interest to be able to put together events without the organisational burden of establishing a
permanent chapter. This is analogous to the TEDx licensing format.
Metrics 2,000 members listed on the YSPN portal  500 Experiences held  10 of YSPNx style events held
5,000 of members in the social media groups  50,000 of people engaged  1000 Attendees at these events
500 Fruitful connections facilitated 
50,000 people engaged/reached  
Resources Package the service and develop marketing strategy  Social Media channels  YSPN Events pack
Repurpose website and white-label SAAS platform (Chronus)  Application Forms Instructions on how to conceive and design an event
Create new member application, onboarding pack and policies of use (for users and moderators)  Vetting and Review procedures Parameters and Guidelines for what is an acceptable YSPNx event
Set up Facebook/Linkedin groups and Buffer  Quality Control Methods and Supervisors Supervision
Create community liaison manager role and fill this  Pathway to permanent chapter status

We co-ordinate sewa across our community

By channelling the surplus motivations, skills, and energy of our community to organisations that need it.

This includes:

  1. Delivering a project management framework to enhance the professionalism of other community organisations.

We co-ordinate Sewa across our community

  Matching Market for Sewa
Purpose To use the privileged position that YSPN has in attracting talented individuals with professional skills, motivation and desire to give back to the community and channel it to other organisations in the community that are
better suited to benefit from the level of commitment and motivation of these individuals.
Description YSPN often receives offers from people who wish to contribute their skills and energy back to the community. In many cases, there is either an insufficient match of skills, or commitment and motivation in order for these
people to fit within the YSPN organization structure. Because of this lack of fit, thee people often disengage and do not find a productive outlet for their skills and motivation.
To address this, we will develop a structure that encompasses a project management and execution framework, a volunteer and organizational acquisition capability and communication and oversight capability that will allow us
to source and match volunteers and monitor for the successful delivery of projects.
Metrics 15 Number of successfully completed initiatives and projects
2000 Number of volunteers on our database who are actively involved in delivering projects for the community
30 Organisations on our register who actively seek the work of our volunteer base
Resources CRM database
Communications channels to volunteers and organisations
Framework and procedures documents

Strategic principles

The strategic pillars in the previous section lay out a vision, structure, and expected format for execution. As the strategy is delivered by the organisation, it is likely that we will require flexibility in pursuing this vision as
as-yet unknown realities, constraints and challenges are uncovered.

Recognising that the future is inherently unknowable, the below strategic principles have been outlined to help the organisation frame and consider strategic decisions and trade-offs and better equip it to make decisions that will
ultimately take the organisation to the strategic vision, irrespective of the detail of the interim steps required to get it there.

These strategic principles have been derived from a combination of the themes that have emerged from organisational legacy that we deliberately choose to continue, the internal workshops delivered across chapters, a recognition of
structural trends in our organisational landscape, and at our core, the foundation of Sikh values.

Eventual Redundancy:
YSPN exists to build capacity within the community, fix the conditions which brought about its existence in order to eventually bring about its own redundancy


Faith and Values:
A grounding in the values of the Sikh faith, and their contemporary application. For example:

Humanism, and the equality and unity of Humankind

Selfless giving (Sewa)

Living a truthful and honest life (Kirt Karni)

Sharing with others and especially those less fortunate (Vand Shakkna)


YSPN exists to promote access to its activity and networks by all people who see value in it, and does not make value judgements on participants definitions of success.


Social Justice:
YSPN takes a stand on important matters of social justice, and politics and projects an intellectually substantive position that is considerate of Sikh doctrine, and community standards and harmony.


We use technology wherever possible to improve access, consolidate, scale and impact as many people as possible.


We focus our limited resources, on the core activities where we have a privileged position, or capability and lean on partnerships and other vendors/providers for areas in which they are experts.