COVID-19: Links, resources and information

Accurate as at 29 April 2021


The global pandemic driven by the infectious disease COVID-19 has disrupted societies, with governments requiring citizens to practice self-isolation, and communications and media sources (both social and traditional) rife with misinformation or content lacking insight. As a consequence of this highly dynamic situation, YSPN has prepared the following “newsroom” and FAQ to help people make sense of the situation and navigate it as effectively as possible.

Our role here is not to provide our audience with a unique take on the information, but ensure that our audience knows where to access accurate, and up-to-date information from primary sources, relating to the current situation, best practice, and responses from across a spectrum of themes and issues relevant to YSPN’s audience.

Given that our links are to primary sources like Government Dept. websites, and organisations like the World Health Organisation, we expect that those links will not go stale, or the information out of date, as the link sources are updating information on a much more regular and timely basis than our team of volunteers possibly could. To ensure the information remains most current, and links remain active, we will be reviewing the content here on a weekly basis (unless stated otherwise), and the date the information is current at will be written at the top of this article.

Special note:

With the speed and ease at which misinformation can propagate during times of heightened stress and anxiety such as this, we also recommend our audience verify the source of any information that is not obviously from one of the below resources, and practice scepticism to mitigate the possibility of further spread of misinformation. We also recommend our audience do the same for information shared from medical health practitioners where they provide their own analysis above and beyond the information provided in the original source.

The situation in India

As of end April 2021, India has seen over 300,000 COVID-19 cases per day, and has seen an acute shortage of vital supplies including medical equipment, oxygen tanks, medication and PPE. Multiple campaigns to fundraise on behalf of patients in India have been started by expats living across the world with family in the country. While YSPN does not specifically endorse any particular cause below, the links below have been collated by sources trusted by the YSPN team and community. We do, however, encourage the YSPN community to conduct their own research into initiatives and campaigns before donating funds.

South Asian TodaySouth Asian today has put together a live list of campaigns, donation drives and initiatives happening on the ground in India, and around the world, to help alleviate the oxygen shortage, PPE shortage and other causes impacting the local community impacted by the COVID-19
Oxygen supply campaignsRishi Suri has compiled a list of campaigns raising funds for the supply of oxygen tanks and associated equipment, along with the currencies the campaigns are raising funds in
Medical Oxygen for All (MOfA)YSPN co-founder, alum and ex-chair, Karan Anand, has joined the MOFa team to help raise funds for the delivery of vital oxygen equipment to patients all over India, and have compiled a live document showcasing the project, the associated GoFundMe campaign and the impact they are having on the ground


    While we have done our utmost to ensure the information is comprehensive, up to date and as accurate as possible, we do not guarantee that this is the case [and make no representation, statement or warranty to that effect. We recommend you seek appropriate independent advice.  We are not responsible for any loss or liability you may incur in connection with the information provided on this page]. In the event you do find a mistake please contact us (via email, Facebook or Instagram) so we can issue a correction as soon as possible and minimise any further impact.

    We also hope you’ll practice kindness and compassion with others as we navigate this crisis as a global community.