A Digital & Group Mentoring Program

The YSPN Mentoring Program takes a digital, group format to widen your knowledge in one of five specific mentoring topics delivered in 6 sessions over 3 months by industry expert mentors.

Why join

By joining the online YSPN Mentoring Program, you will have access to high calibre mentors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and opportunity to connect and network with like minded professionals.​

Tap Into Experience

  • Receive constructive feedback from your mentors every session
  • Each mentoring session is formally structured to ensure you get maximum value
  • Access to bonus webinars by industry experts to further broaden your knowledge

Learn From Others

  • Share stories with peers going through similar challenges
  • Hear about the approaches taken by others
  • Receive feedback from each other in a non-judgemental environment

Move Closer Towards Your Goal

  • Clarity on your desired outcome
  • Apply the learnings and feedback from your mentor
  • Be held accountable on your progress

is this program right for you?

  • Do you want to accelerate your growth in any of the five mentoring topics? Refer to the Topics page.
  • Q. Do you want to be part of a structured mentoring program led by experienced professionals with clear outcomes?
  • Q. Do you want the opportunity to network and learn from like-minded professionals working towards a common goal?

Program Outline

YSPN has collaborated with some of Asia Pacific’s senior Partners, Directors, Coaches, Leaders and Experts to bring you a high valued program to help you accelerate your professional growth! A program of this nature would typically cost between $2,000 – $5,000. You’re at the right place at the right time, as you’ll be able to access this program at nearly 1/10th of the normal cost.

Mentoring Topics on Offer

For more details on what each topic covers and the outcomes you will get, refer to the Topics page

6 Dedicated Mentoring Sessions

6 fortnightly online sessions with vetted and successful experts on your specific topic over a 3 month period.

2 Bonus Webinars on leadership skills to help you grow

You will gain access to 2×1.5hr webinars delivered by experts on core soft skills everyone must know to be an impactful leader.

Proven Stats

From previous mentoring programs

Applications close Sunday September 18th, 2022


Mentees reached across five countries


Improvement in skills reported by Mentees


Professional Mentors


Rating received for the program

Meet Some of our

Helen is an experienced business woman, qualified coach, expert communications mentor and professional speakers trainer. She is passionate about people realising their potential as they build profitable relationships in business and life.

Helen Treloar
ANZ Country Manager at OpusXenta

Taranjeet is an experienced professional with over two decades of experience in the Consulting world with significant expertise in the area of Organizational Transformation. He is also on the Board for a variety of start-ups.

Taranjeet Singh
CEO and Founder at Quantum-Steppe Advisory

Daniel is a passionate educator and entrepreneur. As the former Head of Product and CEO of the award-winning company myEdOnline, he and his team provided services and helped over 1100+ organisations across Australia and internationally better use technology for learning.

Wolf-Clark built and sold one of Australia’s largest edu-tech platforms

Dil Khosa is the CEO and Founder of Athena X and has been named one of NZ’s most entrepreneurial creative people. She is very passionate about inspiring other women to join New Zealand’s tech industry and has been named NZ’s Entrepreneurial Winning women by Ernst & Young (2019).

Dilpreet Khosa
CEO, Founder at Athena X

Luckbir is a Director and Owner of MacDonnells Law. He became a partner of the firm in 2007 and was the youngest modern-day partner appointment in the firm’s 135 year history, He has been recognised for his legal skills and client outcomes by Lawyer’s Weekly as a finalist in the 2016 Australian Partner of the Year Awards

Luckbir Singh
Director at MacDonnells Law

Jugjit has close to 30 years of Project Management and Construction Management experience with projects from AUD $3million to USD $5Billion and has managed crew sizes up to 1100 people.

Jugjit Singh Sidhu
Senior Project Manager at Monadelphous

Gurbaj is an experienced consultant with over 10 years’ strategy and transformation experience advising the C-Suite across the Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Infrastructure, FMCG and Resources industries in globally listed, unlisted and public sector clients in Australia, NZ and Asia.

Gurbaj Pawar
Strategy Consultant at AUB Group

Dr Nanki Singh is a Specialist Anaesthetist who has worked in private practice and in hospitals across Adelaide and Newcastle, Sydney. She has a wealth of medical knowledge, is passionate about supporting women in Medicine and Health and currently focusses on anaesthesia and intensive care medicine.

Dr Nanki Singh
Specialist Anesthetist at Pacific Anaesthesia

How to apply?


Have a read over this website and whether the program is right for you. Make sure you check out the topics available for mentoring!​


Complete the application. Only serious and keen applications will be accepted. Examples of applications are provided to show the standard that is expected.


Then wait to hear back from us on the result!

If you are accepted, we will coordinate logistics with you, including payment, schedule and mentor group allocation.

here's what our participants had to say about the program

“I would highly recommend this program, but the key is – the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. The mentors are generous with their time and are knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, they will go the extra mile and put themselves in your shoes. The mentee cohort will also add great value to your journey.”

Kanav Batra
Founder of Envision Systems and also a Young Social Pioneer at the Foundation for Young Australians.

“I wanted to seek an objective third party input during a period of change. One of the best things about the YSPN Mentoring Program is that it’s brought a portfolio of mentors across a range of industries.”

Manisha Pannu
Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer, and Chartered Tax Advisor at Ashurst.

“YSPN has a lot of quality mentors so it isn’t an opportunity to be missed! YSPN works with a mission of lifting not only the Sikh community but anyone they can.”

Arshdeep Singh
Student Advisor at Southern Cross University

“Getting to be taught by leaders in their industry, the YSPN mentoring program is the most valuable experience you can have. Being placed with mentors who have had years of experience in the field that you are looking to seek the most growth in, gives you such an advantage for your career and personal life.”

Munpreet Dillon
Sales Assistant at Under Armour.

“Why are you hesitating? Just do it! It’s a once in a lifetime experience where you can be mentored by someone who is at a stage in life that you aspire to.”

Max Lau
Sales Development Representative, at Tyro Payments

“The fact that these successful, intelligent and generous mentors are taking the time out of their busy schedules and putting in so much effort to guide and help you, is incredible… I have gained so much out of this program and have left feeling more inspire and motivated. Would 100% do it again.”

Navdeep Gill
Marketing Freelancer and the National Design Lead at YSPN

here's what our participants had to say about the program

Program Pricing and payment option

If you’ve lost your job or experienced reduced hours as a result of COVID-19 or related impacts, we’re offering a handful of scholarships covering the cost of the program. If this is you, we still encourage you to apply.


Upfront payment for topic applied for


One-time upfront payment of $150 AUD or 3 monthly payments of $50 AUD each

Who can apply for this program?

Anyone can apply! We want motivated individuals who are serious about developing their skills and learning from others. ​

Please view the topics here to see whether these are areas that interest you and you would like to obtain mentoring for.

Is this only for people in Australia?

Whilst the program is completely online and you can be sitting in the comfort from your own home to do the sessions, we would prefer if people within the Oceania region apply, ie. Australia, New Zealand and Asia. This is due to managing the time differences and due to our Mentors who are only based in these regions.

Is this program only for Sikhs?

No. This program is open for anyone and everyone.​

Whilst this program is being run by the Young Sikh Professionals Network, there are no biases or discriminations towards mentors or mentees from any faith or background.​

Is it value for money?

Typically a 3 month mentoring program with the calibre of Mentors we’ve gathered can cost between $2000-$5000. Since we want to make professional development opportunities available to anyone, we have significantly reduced the price of
the program just to cover the cost of running it, so you will effectively be paying less than 1/10th of the normal price with the option to pay over a 3 month period to make it even more financially sustainable.

Over the course of the 2019 Mentoring Program, participants reported a 75% improvement in their skills and provided our program with an average rating of 4.78/5. ​

This year’s mentoring program is now even better. We are extending our sessions from 4 to 6, providing our mentors with additional training, providing access to two additional webinars hosted by experts in their field and unlocking
additional video snippets recorded by industry professionals.​

If, after two sessions of the program, we are reasonably able to conclude that you have not received value from this program, we will provide you your money back.​

How can I increase my chances of having a successful application?

​We are looking for mentees who are motivated and dedicated towards improving themselves, learning from others and working towards their goals. So please take your time and present a quality application for our team’s review.​

If you like to see examples of quality applications, please view two of them here.​​