In this year’s mentoring program, you’ll have the choice of the following seven topics to develop your skill set in.​ These topics were chosen based on demand from previous years, and have further been refined by the feedback we’ve received from Mentees. In collaboration with our Mentors, we have identified core skills for each topic that should act as the foundation for you to flourish.

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Entrepreneurship for Beginners: Start-Up Mode

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs in Start-Ups 

Description: This topic is for aspiring Entrepreneurs or Business Owners contemplating creating a side business or have just recently started one and need further help in getting the core fundamentals right for your product or service. 


  • Further clarity on the problem/gap that your business is solving for 
  • Critical assumptions regarding business idea tested 
  • Framework provided on how to set up business-critical processes 
Cost: Upfront AUD150 or 3 payments of AUD50 over 3 months

Entrepreneurship – Intermediate: Scale-Up Mode

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs in Scale-Up Mode 

Description: This topic is for Entrepreneurs or Business Owners who already have a successful and validated product/service idea, an existing client base and now are wanting to scale their team, operations, marketing and other core processes.   


  • Further clarity on when and how to grow your business 
  • Critical assumptions on the purpose, vision, mission and values of your business tested 
  • Framework provided on how to optimise business-critical processes 

Cost: Upfront AUD150 or 3 payments of AUD50 over 3 months