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An Introduction to YSPN Mentoring

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YSPN believes that it is imperative for its members to actively seek mentors and, where possible, act as mentees.

To this end, we have launched a special series on mentoring where this crucial success tool will be discussed, deliberated and presented in accordance with industry specific focuses. We aim for this to also provide a platform for potential mentors and mentees to connect.

On May 22 2014, the launch of the first mentoring series event focusing on the health and allied health industries was held in Sydney. With over 50 attendees at the event, four eminent keynote speakers, Amarjit Anand (principal audiologist Northern Territory), Dr Jaswinder Samra (consultant general surgeon), Dr Gurdial Singh (anaesthetist) and Dr Narinder Singh (head of ENT Westmead Private Hospital) discussed and shared their nuggets of wisdom on the nature and necessity of mentoring relationships in the industry.

The next event in the series will focus on the professional services industry and is planned for the second half of 2014.YSPN is committed to exploring further options such as a formal mentoring program to ensure that mentoring becomes a valued stepping stone in its members’ career development journey.

YSPN – A new look for an exciting future

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Hi all

A very warm welcome to the new and improved YSPN website – a one stop shop for all information, content and updates from YSPN!

For all of you new to YSPN (short for the Young Sikh Professionals Network), our organisation was born, naturally out of an identified need to connect an emerging class of young Sikh professionals in Australia, but also more significantly, out of a desired change or create a new ‘conversation’ in our community.

The basis of this conversation has and continues to be an intellectual proposition – to promote the success of young professional Sikhs in Australia, embodied in our mission statement:

‘We are the organisation that will inspire young professional Sikhs to build connections, empower them to succeed & contribute to the development of the Sikh and broader Australian community’

As young professional Sikhs, our motivation for this organisation is derived from a few basic ideals:

  • That, collectively, we have a legacy worth preserving
  • That we have more that unites us than separates us
  • That we are the children of migrants or migrants ourselves. Never has there been a generation as large as ours of Australian educated Sikh professionals. We are the first, and as the first, we have the unique opportunity to shape our agenda for generations to come. No one has had this opportunity before and no one will have the opportunity to be first ever again.
  • And finally, that we have a responsibility to act, and we bear the burden of that responsibility collectively; and we bear it now.

Ultimately, we’re trying to create a conversation to reshape the prism through which the community views itself, views success and then collectively succeeds together. We assert:

  • That you can preserve traditional values whilst being both socially and economically progressive
  • That ultimately we should be judged on our contribution to the community at large, not just ourselves or our own backyards
  • That the community’s definition of ‘success’ is not a factor of a pre-defined script, but a collection of experiences AND that this is a personal pursuit
  • This website will form the face of our organisation’s activities. Here you’ll find information on all our events, interesting and relevant articles, and interviews with eminent Sikhs, Australians and the like and a range of other relevant information, all with an aim of creating this new conversation.

Ultimately this organisation exists for you – the young professional Sikh. We want to make your participation in this as interactive, engaging and useful as possible, so please comment, share, debate, and get involved so we can collectively lift the conversation!