Creating the Society We Want to Live In with Sapreet Kaur

It’s all too easy to feel helpless in today’s era of fake news; the rapid flow of news and even faster reactions makes it easy to feel overwhelmed. Sapreet Kaur, Executive Director of the Sikh Coalition showed that the smallest actions while seemingly insignificant, can snowball into large movements over time.

Speaking at YSPN events in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Sapreet illustrated how her parents inculcated values of sewa in their children through making sandwiches for the homeless. Her belief in the powerful of small, targeted actions in shifting our societies is energizing and communicates vital messages of our roles as human in being socially and civically conscious.

Simren Samrai from Indian Link, wrote about how individuals can drive lasting change, and her own experiences listening to Sapreet in Sydney, you can read more here:

YSPN Sydney Inaugural Dinner

YSPN Inaugural Annual Dinner Event

On Monday 27 April, YSPN Sydney held its Inaugural Annual Dinner, themed “From Startup to Boardroom: How Peeyush Gupta became one of Australia’s most successful businessmen”. The event featured Peeyush Gupta, Chairman MLC Life and Director at NAB and SBS; as well as facilitator Sheila Dhillon, Director of Public Affairs and Communication at CSC.

The event featured Professional Services Partners, Principals at Financial Services Firms, Senior Executives in Government departments and a host of ambitious young professionals eager to learn lessons, as Peeyush said, in going from struggle, to success and onto significance.

To see photos from this event, click here.