The YSPN Health Professionals Mentoring Program

At YSPN, we are committed to providing a platform to grow the capability of the future Sikh leaders in the Australian community.

We are starting the Mentoring program with both Health and Allied Health professionals open for university students right through to tenured professionals. Leading Health Care Professionals will be matched to meet up with mentees over 9 months to guide them to help build a successful career.

To enrol for the program, either as a mentor or a mentee, please access the mentoring page for more information.

YSPN will be bringing a broader industry based mentoring program in 2016.

An Introduction to YSPN Mentoring

YSPN believes that it is imperative for its members to actively seek mentors and, where possible, act as mentees.

To this end, we have launched a special series on mentoring where this crucial success tool will be discussed, deliberated and presented in accordance with industry specific focuses. We aim for this to also provide a platform for potential mentors and mentees to connect.

On May 22 2014, the launch of the first mentoring series event focusing on the health and allied health industries was held in Sydney. With over 50 attendees at the event, four eminent keynote speakers, Amarjit Anand (principal audiologist Northern Territory), Dr Jaswinder Samra (consultant general surgeon), Dr Gurdial Singh (anaesthetist) and Dr Narinder Singh (head of ENT Westmead Private Hospital) discussed and shared their nuggets of wisdom on the nature and necessity of mentoring relationships in the industry.

The next event in the series will focus on the professional services industry and is planned for the second half of 2014.YSPN is committed to exploring further options such as a formal mentoring program to ensure that mentoring becomes a valued stepping stone in its members’ career development journey.